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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


gator video at resort

While we were at Wild Dunes last week, we were walking from the tennis courts back to the hotel and the kids decided to take a look and the turtles in the small pond near the hotel. Keep in mind that this is a totally civilized area with condos, hotels, pools and so on .... not a wild park. My wife swore see saw something big and dark drop down in the water and I said she was crazy. Was I ever wrong. There was a in fact an alligator in the pond. I have no idea if he can get out of that pond and presume that he can since there doesn't seem to be any kind of barrier. I hope is kept well fed.

I'll post a video of a nice beaver swimming in my pool a few months ago.

Note: This is mostly a test for embedding YouTube videos in my blog.

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