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Sunday, June 14, 2009


about passion

I once asked myself: "what is the one thing that you would like to do more of but just don't get a chance to?". If you haven't asked yourself this question, you really ought to.

My answer: experience live music.

I used to have a band practice in my basement, have held outdoor parties with live music and pretty well live at the Ottawa Bluesfest every year in July. I also like to head up to the Black Sheep in Wakefiled as often as I can. That is actually where I discovered Lindsay Ferguson (, an amazing musician that I invited to play at this years Isfan Palooza (June 27th).

Entrepreneur's often advise you to follow your passions when it comes to business and I must admit I didn't heed their advice soon enough. However, FaveQuest is now deeply into the live music business with the launch of the Bluesfest Viewtube and we have many more surprises on this front coming imminently. It feels good. I highly recommend it!

It makes so much difference to be involved in a business and domain you are passionate about. It feels right, you have much more energy, have better ideas and push yourself that much harder. I think the passion also shines through and your customers see it. They see it when you pitch them and they see it when you over deliver.

Do you have something you're really passionate about that could be a business? I bet you there is! Please share and I bet you there's something I can do to help you (motivation, ideas, connections ...). So drop me a comment and let's chat.

PS. I'm also passionate about new communication tools and am fortunate to have been selected as a "character" at the 140conf conference in NYC June 16 & 17th.

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