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Sunday, January 20, 2008


favequest nasty hockey show -episode 1

Hey Everyone,

Episode 1 is now done and posted. You can watch it below or click on the link below to watch it on where you can view it in full screen.

Note that you may have to click

As one would expect with a first show, you run into a few hitches. First there was a UFC event that started at 3pm and ended at about 5:15 so we had to wait for that to finish. There were tons of kids there for the kickoff and the last fight got extremely bloody. It seems the forehead bleeds a lot. It reminds of the time my daughter cracked her eyebrow on the boards in our backyard hockey rink .... boy did that bleed. Couple of stitches later she was all good.

Then I had to sprint around Centrum mall to find the right firewire cable to record the video straight to my laptop to save time . None at Future Shop ... seems it was a popular item lately and they sold out (&$&*%!!!!) so I sprinted to Best Buy, found one and we were all good ... got it there in time to finish the setup before the end of the UFC blood bath.

With the late start we weren't able to edit the film in time to post the final cut before the 7pm game start so we decided to wait till today to do that. I think we'll likely do that form the next few shows since getting the video edited and encoded that quickly won't happen until we shorten the show and start editing as we are shooting ... basically recording live and shipping immediately.

I broke the video into three parts to make the encoding easier. I'll try to get the whole thing posted as well.

Intro to Show

Part I Of Live Discussion

Part II of Live Discussion

Saturday, January 19, 2008


announcing the FaveQuest Nasty Hockey Show

Hey Everyone,

Check out the first taping of FaveQuest Nasty Hockey Show tonight at Philthy McNasty's in Kanata near the AMC theater at 4:30. Check back here at about 6pm for the edited version of the show.

Also go to to see our facebook app and click the "try it" to add the app to your facebook profile.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


top ten startup songs

So it's 1:44am and I'm tired from working on a crazy way too big financial spreadsheet for FaveQuest and decided to play with the FaveQuest app on facebook instead ... way more fun. I decided to write a quick blog post about the songs I think about as a start-up founder. Either they inspire me and get me going and the reflect the a bummed out mood after too many hard knocks and bad news. I listen to some of these when I go running to get pumped or I'll pick up the guitar and try to play one of them, especially Yesterday.

Instead of writing about them, I figured I would find the videos and embed them. So here we go. You might note a recurring theme:). If you get this via email, you may have to click on the blog and go to the website to see the videos depending on your email client:

If I Had a Million Dollars by Bare Naked Ladies

Money by Pink Floyd

Money by "The Flying Lizards"

Money for Nothing by Dire Straits

Yesterday - by The Beatles

Lose Yourself - Eminem

A few lyrics "If you had one shot, one opportunity. To seize everything you ever wanted. One Moment. Would you capture it or let it slip" .... "

Pain by Three Days Grace

Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva

Working Class Hero by John Lennon

Time to go to bed. I'll let you pick the tenth.