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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


favequest at a turning point

I've run into a few of you here and there and you've been asking me wassup with the blog? You know, typical "really busy with three kids, launching a company, raising money, closing deals with customers, producing an online hockey show, trying to show up at the gym once in while ...". Other than that, pretty bored.

FaveQuest is now getting near an important turning point. We are now in advanced discussions with a great customer that I would love to work with. Ours to lose basically at this point and we're all very happy and excited. Must execute.

We're also in advanced discussion for some funding that would allow us to grow the team, execute on some important things that have had to stay on the back burner (opensocial, improved algorithms, some magical tools) and expand our customer base. One of the potential funders is in California so it is a long shot. I had to postpone our family Disney World vacation to fly out to Palo Alto ... kids weren't too impressed + it cost me $2000 to change all the flights. Hope it was worth it ... but hey ... if you don't play, you don't win. Check out the rental car (sweet talked lady at Budget to give me that one for the same prices as Nissan Altima!). Sweet ride.

All good stuff but this also changes the dynamic. We're going to lose a bit of freedom but we're on the right path. Tougher than I thought.

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