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Monday, August 18, 2008


face your fears - it feels great

If you're anything like me, you are afraid of pain and suffering. You live in fear that you might lose your job, lose your house, not be able to feed your family and so on. Quitting your job without another lined up would be insane. Check.

There are also other kinds of pain to be avoided ... the type that physically hurts. Breaking bones, cracking your head on rocks, drowning and such. You walk across a bridge over a raging waterfall, imagine falling in and get wobbly at the knees. I'm somewhat afraid of heights and not big a raging waters either ... so what do I do ... zip line across the waterfall in a harness !!!! Absolutely crazy but exhilarating!!

Facing your fears and punching through feels really good. Go ahead ... do it!

Check out this video of me and two of my girls zip lining across Ste Anne Canyon Falls just outside Quebec City.

Here is the link (for those getting this through email)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right! I agree - good to be alive!
Such a brave girls. Courage is the joy of living dangerously. Totally!
Svetlana X

6:51 PM


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